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Abstract Essay

Discrimination in the workplace is mainly caused by stereotyping. I plan to create a huge project to show you how stereotyping can affect on your life. It’s gonna be a ton of essays from many people. Can someone write my essay for me? It’s not a joke. I feel like this research project will be legendary for students and every young person. Lets talk about it in this (first) essay.

A stereotype is a permanent generalizing belief concerning a specific group or category of persons. The convictions have both merits and demerits. For instance, stereotypes enhance our response to situations because we have fixed beliefs about the matter. On the contrary, the concept of generalization can make us ignore some people through assumptions that may not be true. Stereotypes more often lead to prejudice as a result of social categorization. While some of these beliefs are positive, most of them have a negative impression about the subject. This paper will establish how to deal with the discrimination associated with the common stereotypes and ensuring that employee rights are protected.

Cultural Competency Training

In this study cultural competence is the main focus. Cultural competence is defined as the capacity for individuals to improve their knowledge of cultural differences. Through cultural competence people are able to change behavior and thought to address bias by acknowledging the existence of cultural diversity (Foucault, 2013).

Preparations for the Workshop


Since the workshop is mainly for the employees, it will be beneficial to take advantage of the present staff as the project administrators. Among the staff are counselors and non-staff members who can play major roles in the program. Staff members who are experienced on this field should also be sought after.

Motivation and Education of Employees

In order for the program to be successful it is important that employees are willing to learn and change. They should also be willing to engage in the discussion and resource materials necessary for the workshop to be a success.

Task Force

Having a cultural competence task force will go a long way as the group will lead the general assessment and will also plan, evaluate, carry out cultural competence initiatives and act as the forerunners of the general program. The task force should include representatives from every level, for instance it should include administrators, employees, and the subordinate staff. In order to improve the effectiveness, the task force can be divided into different groups and each be tasked with different areas of focus (Winefield & Chur‐Hansen, 2000).

Outsourcing Information

It is beneficial for the program if enough research is made before the workshop kicks off. There are programs that have already been developed by different companies to deal with cultural compliance. Going through such programs will equip the administrators with vital information and knowledge on how to improve the effectiveness of the program. The administrator or planner is also allowed to hire professionals from to aid in the program (Harvey et al. 2001).

Day Schedule for the Workshop

Title Cultural Compliance
Opening ·         Introductions

·         Objectives of the Workshop

·         Agenda

·         Focus on Cultural Competency

·         Training Strategies

·         Principles

Training Objectives ·         Come up with a  framework for cultural competency

·         Establish awareness of personal stages of cultural competence

·         Explain the meaning culturally competent skills in cross-cultural communication and service delivery

·         Offer practical learning experiences for skill establishment in culturally competent strategies and application

·         Establish an action plan on how to become culturally competent

Knowledge ·         Diversity scope

·         Features of Cultural Competency

·         Bennett Model of Cultural Competency

·         Personal Continuum of Cultural Competence

Awareness ·         Definition of common terms

·         barriers to Cross-Cultural Communication

Action Plans Offer Individual Worksheets for Self and Agency
Closing De-brief , Conclusions, Evaluations, and Certificates


During the work shop, employees will go through various assessments steps that will enable them understand beliefs and attitudes about cultural identities. Understanding culture is important in every business organization as it establishes an honoring culture between employees and customers and also within between fellow employees. The workshop will come up with an action plan that will help the employees become culturally competent in the workplace.

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